Jason M Gottschalk
Vice President and
General Manager

Jason Gottschalk’s background is comprised of more than 34 years of progressive technical and business experience. His knowledge and methods have been developed through years of design, planning, and implementation experience in both the hardware and software aspects of the Information Technology field. His experience culminates in a rich set of fortified credentials for his concentration in Information Technology products and services.

His career started in two vertical markets before “vertical markets” were household terms. Mr. Gottschalk jumped into the computer age with both feet by providing office automation equipment to medical offices and print shops. Medical/Doctor’s offices wanted to make a move in one of two directions in the late 80’s. Some offices were connected to the main frames at hospitals for billing, and the others were using written ledger books. Mr. Gottschalk saw a pain being experienced by both office types and provided solutions for each to become autonomous and more profitable; The IBM Personal Computer 5150, the Hewlett Packard Laserjet, and Peachtree Accounting.

He provided similar solutions to print shops, designing desktop publishing processes for print shops. The first viable solutions for desktop publishing in the late 80’s included three new components at the front end of the printing business. An IBM Personal Computer, a Hewlett Packard Laser printer, and a software product by Aldus, called PageMaker. From here, he has maintained a very deep interest in the newest technology available to help clients achieve their goals of increased productivity and profitability.

Mr. Gottschalk then spent a portion of his career as a Cobalt programmer and batch REXX programmer for Intel platforms, Mr. Gottschalk developed custom applications for the Service Bureau industry; applications that process database records and create invoices, statements, and customer correspondence for high speed, high volume printing. The applications sort and print according to USPS Presorted standards for bulk mail discounted pricing. His experience in the Service Bureau industry afforded him the opportunity to be contracted to companies like Xerox Corporation for printing solutions to provide Desktop-to-PrintShop printing for entire school districts. He designed and developed every aspect of the system from custom PostScript print drivers to an intranet-based printing system written in Microsoft ASP. Instructors could print to remote print servers at the districts’ printing/copying shops and have the printed documents delivered back to their classroom before the end of the day. This was considered a miracle when he developed it 20 years ago. Nothing like it had existed for the local school systems before.

His natural ability to comprehend the multifaceted concepts of networked processes allowed him to expand into complex network infrastructure design projects.  Mr. Gottschalk began to specialize in heterogeneous network design with an emphasis on process, machine, and data control, more commonly known as vertical integration.

Prior to the “Cloud”, Mr. Gottschalk was designing wide area networks for multi-national companies. He has designed and implemented private networks that span the globe, allowing collaboration among colleagues with corporate data that is located on secure servers on multiple continents.  Today, Mr. Gottschalk continues to design and implement similar cloud connections for various organizations including the healthcare, technical, financial, government and educational industries.

As modern technology evolves, so does his desire to explore and gain knowledge. Mr. Gottschalk’s approach to every new technology is the same as it was in 1988 when he entered the IT field. That approach is to jump in with both feet. Becoming one with every new and promising technology.

Two markets that always gather the attention of Mr. Gottschalk are WiFi and Biometric based System Controls.

In 2005 he became fascinated with the ability to control anything you would like with the fingerprint. Mr. Gottschalk has designed and implemented biometric controls for just about anything you can think of; Doors, Inventory Cages, Alarms, Surveillance Cameras, Machines, Presses, Electrical Circuits, HVAC systems, Key Management systems, etc. Your fingerprint can be used to activate, terminate, and authenticate any system you desire. Ask him how!

WiFi design and implementation is another area Mr. Gottschalk holds expert knowledge. From amusement parks, to Campgrounds,Marinas, and city wide systems; he has designed and successfully implanted complete and secure WiFi networks for public, private, and hospitality use.

Today, Mr. Gottschalk services all manner of industries reliant on computers and networks. While his ability to serve businesses in any industry is based on progressive technical and business experience, he still sets aside a portion of his time to maintain a presence in three favored vertical markets: Automotive Dealership Network Administration, Medical Office Network Administration, and Biometric System Controls.

Mr. Gottschalk is happy to provide more examples (fun IT stories) from his exhaustive career to help you understand how he may help you with your IT pains, just reach out say hello!

Mr. Gottschalk can be reached at:
SYO Computer Engineering Services, Inc
Jason M. Gottschalk
45100 Sterritt St.
Suite 203
Utica, MI 48317
Office: 586-580-2213
Fax:     586-580-2215
E-Mail: Jason@syo.com
Website: https://www.syo.com

After more than 31 years, SYO has certainly become a solid company worthy of your trust.