Doing more with less is no longer just a buzz phrase. It’s a directive. And at the center of this all-important task is the focal point of your IT infrastructure: your servers. You need servers that can simplify your infrastructure and IT management. Transform mountains of data into mountains of insight — faster, and process complex workloads. You need the performance of next generation Dell PowerEdge servers.

New 12th generation Dell PowerEdge servers, featuring Intel® Xeon® processors, offer:

• Maximum flexibility. Dell’s exclusive PowerEdge Select Network Adapter lets you seamlessly migrate between 1GbE and 10GbE interconnections directly on the motherboard, future-proofing your network.

• Simplified management. iDRAC7, Dell’s agentless systems management tool, provides direct access to hardware status, inventory and configuration even if the OS is down or not installed. You get increased oversight with fewer resources.

• Energy efficiency. Every component in Dell PowerEdge servers is optimized for the most efficient operation which minimizes power consumption. In addition, 12th generation Dell PowerEdge servers are powered by the new Intel Xeon processors, which Intel estimates can provide up to 80%* more performance than previous generations.

The next generation of Dell PowerEdge servers can help your company process more data, support more applications and increase efficiencies without hurting your bottom line.